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Unless the home is vacant, we know that there is always something else on your list when preparing to sell.  We have created up-to-date checklists to help keep homeowners on track and give them peace of mind during these often stressful transitions.


Preparing a home for a photoshoot is more than just cleaning.  Homeowners should make sure key elements of their home are easily visible.  With this being said, clear out as much furniture as possible to make the home more spacious.  Large window treatments can be distracting and make a room feel smaller.

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Open House

Preparing your home for an open house can be intimidating but doesn't have to be hard.  Aside from making sure your home is clean, you will want to make sure it is easy for a potential buyer to move from one room to the next.  This includes rearranging and removing furniture.  


It is not a bad idea to bake some cookies right before the open house begins to give your home a nice welcoming smell.

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Download and print up-to-date checklists that prepare you for home viewings and photoshoots.

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