Frederick County Housing Market Recap: May 2020

Frederick County May 2020

  • 696 active listings May 2019 had 1,245 active listings - DOWN 44.1%

  • 344 units were sold May 2019 had 489 units sold - DOWN 29.7%

  • 605 new listings DOWN 20% from May 2019

  • average days on market 30 Days DOWN 21% from May 2019

  • average sold price $363,585 below Maryland's total average price

  • detached home sold price average $410,936 UP 1.48% from May 2019

  • attached home sold price average $281,311 UP 7.89% from May 2019

5.7% of Maryland's total units sold were in Frederick County.

5.0% of Maryland's active listings were in Frederick County.

Information pulled from Frederick County Association of Realtors and Maryland REALTORS.

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