Preparing Your Home For A Real Estate Photoshoot

Updated: Apr 25

Preparing your home to sell is no doubt a stressful process so we made a checklist to make preparing your home for photos a little easier. We have seen many homes of different sizes and styles which has led to the following suggestions. At the end of the day though, no one knows your home like you and if you believe some of these suggestions will take away from the natural esthetic of the home then don't do it. Or feel free to shoot us a message and ask for our professional opinion on your situation.

Closets, unfinished spaces, and garages are all great spaces to hide clutter. Do NOT hide items under beds or other furniture, the camera will see that!

You may want to consider hiring a cleaning service, landscapers, and painters for a fresh coat of paint where needed. If you are already moving into your new home or concerned with your furniture, talk to your agent or message us for suggestions and whether or not you should hire a professional stager.

Arume 2021 Photoshoot Printable Checklis
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