Preparing Your Home For A Photoshoot During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The following is our photoshoot preparation checklist with special instructions to keep your photographer, tenants, and agents safe and healthy.

When cleaning use closets, unfinished spaces, and garages to hide clutter. Do NOT hide items under beds or other furniture, the camera will see that.

You may want to consider hiring a cleaning service, landscapers, and painters for a fresh coat of paint where needed. If you are already moving into your new home or concerned with your furniture, talk to your agent or message us for suggestions and whether or not you should hire a professional stager.

Prepare the inside of your home by doing the following:

Whole House

Clean windows

Hide all valuables

Turn on all lights and make sure each room has the same color bulbs (tungsten, fluorescent, white, yellow, etc.)

Ceiling fans, TV's, and computer screens turned off

Put blinds all the way up and remove large window treatments in order to open up space

Remove all clutter from visible areas

Hide all trash cans

Leave no trace of pets (no food bowls visible, litter boxes, crates, etc.)

Vacuum, Swiffer, mop, sweep all floors

Remove small rugs to show off more floor

Remove personal photos and religious items


Minimize items on counter including toasters and coffee makers

Empty sink

Countertops and appliances wiped down

Clear refrigerator of any images, magnets, decoration

Living Areas

Remove furniture that does not fit comfortably

Arrange furniture

Hide remotes and wires


Make all beds

Hide hampers

Clear off dressers and furniture

Remove door hangers to allow the door to completely open


Toilet seats down

Remove all soaps, shampoos, toiletries, etc.

Wipe down countertops, mirrors, and fixtures

Place decoration towels out


Clean windows

Hide trashcans, hoses, flags

Cars out of driveway and garage closed

Mow lawn within 2 days of shoot

Open patio umbrellas

Uncover grills, patio furniture, hot tubs, and pools

It is important to minimize contact with anything in the home and maintain social distancing. If you are confident that nothing needs to be changed after the photographer arrives, leave the property or hang out in an unfinished area like a garage to maintain your distance. It is important to prepare by turning on all lights and opening all doors for the photographer. Additionally, you should provide cleaning wipes to handle door knobs and make sure all area that are touched are then wiped down.