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3D Virtual Tour Provider

The virtual tour industry is growing but we do not feel that providers in this space do enough for their clients which is why our goal is to inspire our competition to keep up with us and push boundaries of their own while creating digital twins at affordable prices.

What can we create digital copies and 3d tours of?

Arume can create a virtual tour and digital twin for any store front, business office, restaurant, brewery, distillery, bar, shop, art gallery, hotel, college campus, and real estate (commercial & residential).

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Matterport Pro2 on tripod

College Campuses

Virtual tours help provide students an understanding of where their classes are located before their first class.  Tours have the ability to boost admission rates by showcasing state-of-the-art buildings in a new light.

Note that you can create a highlight reel that tours your facility for viewers in an order you please with ease.


Real Estate

Whether it is a residential or commercial listing, 3D virtual tours bring potential buyers inside and provide a better experience than just photos.  Matterport allows viewers to walk around virtual and measure spaces to see how their dream will fit.  Provide Mattertag Posts which highlight key aspects of homes and office spaces.


We provide additional real estate photo services including virtual staging, ground and aerial video & more.  Submit your email for our complete real estate photo services catalog.

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Exhibited Document Flags

Art Galleries

Add another benefit to your art members by archiving a virtual tour of each exhibition.  Artworks rotate in galleries but your artists can continue to promote their work through the tours from your gallery.  Easily add descriptions to works or link to the artists website.  Or simply add a teaser tour that makes people want to visit in person!


Breweries, Bars, Distilleries, Restaurants

Show off your businesses aesthetic and draw more of the right people on.  Use MatterTag Posts to show off your menu, new items, what's on tap, or cool features like corn hole and space heaters.

Sushi Bar

Private Offices & Shops

No matter the type of office, let more people in by giving online visitors a peek at how you work what you have in store.

How the process works and what we can provide.

Before our arrival, make note of all key features of the space.  Next we capture the space using Matterport technology.  Once we leave the shoot we start working on post production where we (or in collaboration with you) create Mattertag Posts, add links and descriptions, and generate a highlight reel.  Lastly, once you sign off on the project we provide you with embedding links for your website and link the tour to Google Street View if desired.

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Who are we and where do we work?

Arume is a small virtual tour provider located in Downtown Frederick, Maryland that specializes in everything 3D Matterport.  We launched in July of 2020 but our experience goes well beyond that.


Our current focus is to give potential visitors to a look inside every business downtown without stepping a foot on N Market Street.  Our goals are always changing and being met so check back regularly to see what's next for us.


If you are interested in our services but are outside of the Frederick County or Maryland area, feel free to reach out since our network of friends and contractors in the industry are growing exponentially across the United States.